Itineris I CD Jewel Case (2011)

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Aura Noctis is a neoclassical darkwave band from Spain that consists of two members; Olga (Pianist) and Pilar (Cellist)..

The style of Aura Noctis is often described as "neoclassical",does not often conform with general standards of gothic or darkwave music. Their past music could be described as a soundscape , mixed with singing on poetic and melancholy themes. Explores powerful emotions of love, vulnerability, isolation, loss, jealousy, and passion...

1. Ad occasum tendimus omnes
2. D.e.S.
3. Solitude
4. Progresiva
5. Furor et Luctus
6. Erste Reise
7. Zweite Reise
8. Dritte Reise
9. Breaking Thoughts
10. Fantasía
11. Encontrarte